Feb. 24th, 2010

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Hello folks. I've been on Seasonique birth control pills for about a year and a half now. I've had some weirdness as far as the period goes - sometimes I get it and it lasts 3 days, sometimes I get it and it lasts a couple weeks, sometimes I don't get it at all for months at a time. I never seem to get it during the "yellow pills" week at the end of the 3 month pack like I'm supposed to.

In December at my appointment I asked my gynocologist if it was normal to not get my period at all while on Seasonique and she said yes, so I didn't let it worry me any further.

In mid-January I got my period and I was like, "Oh hello there period," since I hadn't had it since probably September and thought nothing of it. But it's now the end of February and my period is still with me. It's been 5 weeks though it stopped for 3 days after about 3 weeks, but then started up again.

It goes from being bright red, "normal" looking blood to the "I'm a sign of the end of your period!" brownish blood. Like, it goes back and forth between the two. And the last couple days there have been clumps, though there haven't been any really at all the whole time.

Basically I'm going crazy with period overdose. Does anyone have any idea what on Earth is happening?!

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