Mar. 11th, 2010

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This may sound crazy, but ever since I moved away to college four years ago, I've noticed that my period will sometimes 'wait' a few days past its anticipated arrival date if my body 'knows' that I'm going home to my parents' house for the weekend. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

My period is about 1-2 days late (and I am sexually active - I always always always use condoms, but my body can't handle any form of HBC I've ever tried, so condoms are it) and I'm a little nervous. I am heading home tomorrow, though, so I wonder if my period will show up when I am in a low-stress environment.

I was also involved in a very minor car accident in mid-February (a day or three before I was supposed to start ovulating) and injured my neck and back (not severely, but I experienced moderate levels of pain for about one week - February 15-22). I wonder if this might have delayed ovulation or might be delaying my period now.

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