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So for the past week-ish I've been experiencing my main PMS/period symptom, which is ravenous hunger. This time around it's particularly annoying. Nothing in my kitchen or from Taco Bell will hit the spot or scratch the itch right. What I mean by that is I think there's something that, if eaten, will satisfy my very ambiguous craving, but I can't pinpoint it. At 10:30 tonight I ran out for naked strawberry poptarts and followed those up with a bit of pepper jack cheese.

Am I deficient in some nutrient? I can't even figure out what I want, there's no obvious trend to what I've been eating to try to satisfy the craving, so there's not even that as a potential indication. Today my boyfriend had me try a beer his boss homebrewed, and when I said it tasted metallic he said that could mean I'm low in iron. (I say it was the beer, but the comment did get me thinking about why all the cravings are going on.)

ARRGGHH any thoughts? please? Tell me what to eat! I'm off to root around for pickles...
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This may sound crazy, but ever since I moved away to college four years ago, I've noticed that my period will sometimes 'wait' a few days past its anticipated arrival date if my body 'knows' that I'm going home to my parents' house for the weekend. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

My period is about 1-2 days late (and I am sexually active - I always always always use condoms, but my body can't handle any form of HBC I've ever tried, so condoms are it) and I'm a little nervous. I am heading home tomorrow, though, so I wonder if my period will show up when I am in a low-stress environment.

I was also involved in a very minor car accident in mid-February (a day or three before I was supposed to start ovulating) and injured my neck and back (not severely, but I experienced moderate levels of pain for about one week - February 15-22). I wonder if this might have delayed ovulation or might be delaying my period now.
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I have a crazy question. First of all, I am—let’s see—approximately 97% certain that I’m not pregnant, since my boyfriend and I use condoms religiously. On Monday, I had the type of building/worsening cramps that always precede my period and was sure that my period would start within 24 hours based on the intensity of my pain. On Monday night, my boyfriend and I had sex and my cramps went away. My cramps haven’t returned to the same intensity yet, 36 hours later. <b>Can sex delay a menstrual period by a few days</b> (by somehow defusing cramps or releasing certain hormones or I don't even know what)?



My cycle is usually between 32 and 36 days long, so I should expect my period somewhere between Monday and Friday of this week… I’m not late yet.


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Hello folks. I've been on Seasonique birth control pills for about a year and a half now. I've had some weirdness as far as the period goes - sometimes I get it and it lasts 3 days, sometimes I get it and it lasts a couple weeks, sometimes I don't get it at all for months at a time. I never seem to get it during the "yellow pills" week at the end of the 3 month pack like I'm supposed to.

In December at my appointment I asked my gynocologist if it was normal to not get my period at all while on Seasonique and she said yes, so I didn't let it worry me any further.

In mid-January I got my period and I was like, "Oh hello there period," since I hadn't had it since probably September and thought nothing of it. But it's now the end of February and my period is still with me. It's been 5 weeks though it stopped for 3 days after about 3 weeks, but then started up again.

It goes from being bright red, "normal" looking blood to the "I'm a sign of the end of your period!" brownish blood. Like, it goes back and forth between the two. And the last couple days there have been clumps, though there haven't been any really at all the whole time.

Basically I'm going crazy with period overdose. Does anyone have any idea what on Earth is happening?!
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Hello All -

Is there anyone knowledgeable out here about C'elle and/or other menstrual collection organizations regarding stem cells? This seems to be getting more popular every year, and I don't know how much of it is legitimate, ad how much is possibly quackery.

Thank you for any help!
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I'm writing an article for our zine about alternative female health as well as alternative menstrual products.

If you were reading this zine (especially if you didn't know much about the subject), what topics would you want to read about?

Thanks :)
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Brief background infos... And no, I'm not looking for a diagnosis, just ideas. It doesn't seem like anything serious, just an odd "This is probably normal but I wonder what others say" sort of thing where I have no idea how to go about searching the internets for clues, but figure this is an appropriate place to ask.

I regularly have really heavy, messy, gross periods.. having to pretty  much live next to the bathroom as I was having to change tampons at least once every 30 min...
periods didn't start until I was almost 16, and were really mild/forgettable until I was 21...
from 20-26 (give or take a couple of years) the heavy bleeding started, and on top of that it was not unusual to have a 2 week period,  and then start again 2 weeks later...   or sometimes I would go 2-3 months (6 months one time) without a period, then back to the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off...   Then settled out a bit so that periods came every 6-8 weeks..
2-3 years ago when I was living with a female roommate for a while, I started having them about every 4 weeks (though we never actually synched up, I would usually start a few days after she finished)...  Since then they've still usually been pretty heavy, but being more regular seemed to ease that up a bit (also, someone told me that orgasms can help for shorter or less miserable periods so... *cough*)

This month... it came a week earlier than expected, and was pretty light. A  full period, just not a hugely heavy flow, and lasted about 4 1/2 days... ended about a week ago.  Started again today, really light so far...   I suppose if its coming back that means I'll be good for new years, lol...   

Just thought it was odd.  I'm not on any sort of medications... Had been under a lot of stress, and just moved from IL to OK, and the stress is pretty much gone. I've heard that in the early 30's (32 now) things might sometimes change again, but dammit... I just a couple of years ago fell into a regular sort of cycle :(

and yes I am sexually active, but the period that ended last week was I think the 2nd one since the last time I was with someone.  (Aka, I've had a full period before this odd one, so don't believe pregnancy could be the issue)

Maybe once I get a job I'll just look into birth control, though I'd rather go IUD or steriliziation as I don't want kids at all... but something that helps regulte periods might help with the heavy flow.

I suppose the question, if there is one, is "This is normal, right?"

though since I'm here... I hear 'spotting' mentioned all the time but have no idea what that actually means... have a theory that this could be it, lol.. but?

(sorry for any incoherence, tis 2am and I'm falling asleep here)
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We are seeking creative writing and art for inclusion in a special issue of Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal that focuses on social and cultural conceptualizations of menstruation. The issue will highlight research presented at the 2009 meeting of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. We would like to include two to four creative works along with these scholarly articles.

We welcome poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and memoirs about all things menstrual. Please send submissions of 1000 words or fewer to both Elizabeth Kissling (ekissling@ewu.edu) and Chris Bobel (chris.bobel@umb.edu) by February 20, 2010.

This special issue is scheduled for publication in late fall 2010. We expect to make final editorial decisions by the end of March.
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Hi guys,

I am on my second month of LoEstrin, and took my last active pill on Thursday, meaning my period should be coming any time, correct? But it's still M.I.A.

I did have unprotected sex the weekend of August 29 - but he pulled out right before he came - but I'm still slightly worried. Another worrysome time is the weekend of the 4th.

This weekend the boyfriend and I went camping, and I got very sick. I took my pill around 5pm on the Saturday, and around 7/8pm I had a very sore stomach and made several trips to the bathroom. Is it possible the pill was "pooped" out? Sorry if that's TMI. We then had sex on the Sunday, and the condom came off when he pulled out.

Am I freaking out for nothing? I also was just recently diagnosed with PCOS - so with BC and having PCOS I have a very low chance of becoming pregnant, but I am still quite nervous , based on the two scenarios I described above.

I know that my period can come any time within this week , I'm just basing it off last time when my period came on the 2nd day  - which would have been yesterday.

*Edit - x-posted to birthcontrol
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Ugh. I hate my body. My period is playing" Hide and Seek" with me. So yesterday or the day before, I went to the bathroom, and when I wiped, there was a little pink in the discharge. I knew what it was, since i'm on the one week break from my birthcontrol pills. I thought, "Great, my periods comming,..." so I finished up in the bathroom, and since it was only pinkish-white discharge, I just cleaned up and kept an eye on things down there all day. Fast forward to yesterday morning...I had cramps, can't fit into my jeans, i'm pissy all the time, but still no period, just pinkish-white discharge. So since I felt like I was going to be bleeding any minute then, I put on a pad, just in case. I wore it for about two hours, and nothing. So the next time I went to the bathroom, I took it off. A few hours later, I was at an Avon meeting with my Avon rep, and I felt like I was spotting a bit. This time I had no cramps, no headache anymore, everything except the bitchiness had dissapeared. I got home less than an hour later, and for sure, I was. So I put on another pad to prepare, becuase my periods are ALWAYS long and heavy, very heavy. So I cleaned up and put on another pad...fast forward to last night,...still nothing....I took the pad off, but still had the thichish pinish-red discharge. Then I got pissed, and grabbed my purse to get my pocket calandar to see what day and date I got it last time. I'm on Jolessa becuase my periods are so heavy and painful, plus I have endometriosis so I only have a period every 3 months. So my calandar said my period started June 13, so I should be getting my period any minute now. Todays the 12th... Haven't gotten anymore spotting, but still have pinkish-reddish-white discharge...at this current moment, I feel juuuust a little crampy, and can feel the discharge getting a little thicker, but haven't been to the bathroom to check anything yet...I even had to push back my community service (which I had planned to do frrom 9-5 all this week,) to start on the 21st, I HOPE my period is over by then...or at least slowing down. Normally it lasts 7-8 days...7-8 totureous days...
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Hi! This is x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] menstrual_lib and [livejournal.com profile] menstrual_cups because I love opinions.

My big question is about comparing insertion and taking out of tampons/cups/sponges.

Which is
  • easier to take in/out,

  • more comfortable just after insertion and after it's been in there a while,

  • easier to get used to,

  • requires the littlest practice,

  • and simpler to handle in public restrooms?

  • Public restrooms I'm most concerned about as I'm out for 5 hours at a time. Though one can hope her university restroom is clean, they're usually just awkward.

    Where I am right now: I just bought a sea sponge beause I have no patience for the fact that I have no patience for trying to insert a tampon! I've never been able to put anything in (probably because I'm so squeemish about it), but figured maybe sponges would be easier since they're not dry and they're more flexible.

    Also, regarding sponges, what kind of fabric should one sew on as a string? I suck at sewing, so would trying to sew on a string be worth it? "Mr Turtle, how many pulls does it take to completely screw up a bad sewing job?" "Let's see. One, two...two."
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    i been on a low dose of birth control pills for some time know so far i have gotten sick from them but last night i had a really sharp pain in my back like it was like pain i have never felt this way before where i work i don't left nothing heavy i did it sleep wrong i was thinking why im like this i had to lay on my bed cause it hurted so bad i know there is side effects from the pill some times i get hot and sweaty like im working out at the gym then it goes a way when i was it on the pill i never had none of these effects before the backache thing is new to me i don't like it i don't no i have fibroids so i wonder if it's from them or the pills any ideas i wanted to ask if any one on here have any side effects like this.
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    I saw an add for Allways maxi pads why are they making maxi's so dang thin I mean this pad was paper thin there is no way in heck I can wear it the first four days of my period I wear like up to four pads myself when I start most of us women can't wear paper thin pads on the add it seems like all of us can wear them I think it's misleading info,What does every one think about this and why are they making them so thin they never made pads like this I hate cups and tampoons the way I go.What is happening to maxi pads don't these company's know nothing about a women's period don't they ask us but instead they make maxi's that I can't wear what will happen if all maxi pads become like this what would I wear.What maxi's do you wear.
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     As a citizen of the Philippines, where tampons are a rare commodity, and as the daughter of a very devout Catholic mother, who believes that wearing tampons will put me at risk of becoming devirginised or something like that, I have always worn pads.

    But since I'm going to be living in the UK next year (I'll be attending a university there), I wonder if the type of pads I prefer will be available there, and I am aware that most women from Western countries use tampons.

    So here are my queries:
    1. Will tampons tear/ break my hymen? I don't want to ask my mother again, because her judgement will most likely be clouded by those religious myths.
    2. Which of the two is more comfortable, pads or tampons?
    3. Do they sell a good variety of pads in the UK?
    4. Yes, so from this post, you have deduced that I've never used a tampon before. What are its advantages over pads? 

    Also, my Swedish friend who uses tampons remarked on how uncomfortable it must be wearing a pad, as it is sort of like wearing bloody underwear. I cannot disagree with her, and in fact, I have my period right now and it sucks. So from her statement, I inferred that wearing tampons must be more comfortable and practical, but I'm not quite sure.

    *edited; this part is an extra chunk of cultural information:
    I don't know why, but in my culture, having a broken hymen could mean that that person has already engaged in sexual intercourse. Yes, I know that one can break the hymen in ways other than having sex, but that's just the way it is (probably because not a lot of women here are gymnasts or equestrians or bicycle riders). 
    Which is why I really stress the importance of my hymen being intact; premarital sex is taboo where I come from (95% of the people in my country are Roman Catholic) and if I ever end up marrying somebody with the same cultural background, he will most probably want to be the one to break my hymen, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, thanks for all the help! :)
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    i hope i can post this,any ways i read on the internet that if you have sex in your period it will slow it down and get less cramps and shorter periods i wonder if it's really true i heard some women swear by it but would it do it,it would be messy and dirty i don't even have sex in my period for one by bf hates it i don't even want to try this. any one done this before and does it work or is it a myth so guys can have sex any ways.


    Jul. 2nd, 2009 08:47 am
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    Cycle will start in 5 days. It's always on time but I'm really scared of the pain. It was so bad the last two times... I'm just terrified. I won't get to see the doctor another month since that was the soonest they had. I'm taking advil twice a day. I'm going to cut back on caffine a little (very hard for me)  um... drink water ... what else can I do.

    I'm really scared.

    UPDATE: they moved up my appointment! I may be OK.
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    iam done with my period i started on my forth pack of pills i started to get cramps is this normal cause i should it be cramping up like this my body should be used to the birth control pills by know,any ways i felt like i was going to start my period again just know iam on a low dose of pills.but then half way through the pack iam fine.does any one know why or has this happen to you when on the pill.
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the community, and I have a question about the effects of gradual weight loss on menstruation/menstrual flow. If this line of inquiry is inappropriate for this community, please let me know and I will delete this post.

    In the last eight months, I decided to get ahead of my New year's resolutions (in November, no less) and began going to the gym on a more regular basis in order to lose weight and become more toned through safe and healthy means. In doing so, quite predictably, I lost quite a bit of body fat. However, I've also noticed an unexpected side effect: I found that the more inches I lose, the more pronounced my menstrual symptoms get. By this I mean that my flow increases, and I get a lot more tired and irritable than I am used to. At this point I should probably mention that I've done stints like this in the past where I lost inches through a change of diet (by eating healthy, I don't ever starve myself) and through regular exercise, and would feel similar menstrual effects. The first time this happened was when I lost 40 pounds at age 21 in order to get in shape to get into a police training academy, then again at age 25 when,to my dismay, I found myself having gained back the extra 40 pounds through stress and inadequate lifestyle habits (simultaneoulsy working full-time and going to grad school, etc). Now, at age 30, I am almost at my goal weight, but the pronounced symptoms I feel at the end of my cycle are off-putting enough that in my moments of weakness I sometimes ask myself if I should consider slowing down my exercise/weight loss routine.

    Does anyone here know if there is a rational, medical explanation for what I am experiencing? I mean, could it be that fat-soluble hormones are being re-released into my blood stream and making my menstrual symptoms worse? Or is this just some weird concidence?

    I am quite puzzled by this, and would appreciate any insight/advice on how to deal with these unexpected side effects.
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    i forgot to take my friday pill last night so i took it this morning can i still take my saturday pill
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    And last night I had sex with a boy I am not dating. When he pulled out the condom was no where to be found on him.. it was inside of me. It was not mangled, or pushed in, it was inside of me as though he pulled out and the condom slipped out right then, in the same direction as he had while it was on, if that makes any sense. So things got awkward, and we did not end up discussing whether he came or if he felt a difference. Nothing. We just kind of pushed the subject off of the surface, though I am sure it was in both of minds for the remainder of the night. I think I am due for my period mid-June*. Like, maybe in the next week or two. What is the likelihood of myself getting pregnant? I kind of already feel the effects of my period, such as being emotional and a little bloated. Should I be worried... or should I just let time tell? I know it is silly, but I don't feel up to wasting 40 dollars on a morning after pill if I might get my period in a week or less.

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