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Hey everyone, I have a question!
I was prescribed the microgynon pill to delay my period as I'm going away this Thursday for two weeks and can't really be on.
Unfortunately, I think she told me the wrong thing! I have only have about a 21 day gap between each period which meant that I would come on halfway through. The doctor said to start taking the pill the first day of my period before I go which was the 6th June. So I did that, but I have now been on my period non stop since then! It was very brown/black at the beginning - which is unusual for me - and on recommendation from a friend, I stopped taking the pill last friday. Now my period seems to have gone back to "normal mode" so is now red. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to be on at the beginning of the trip, but will my period last as long as it would normally? Or i have managed to freakishly mutate my cylce?
Please help!
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last time i went to the doctors to get a repeat prescription for my bc she as always weighed me, did the little calculation thing and worked out my bmi, which was like just under 35

which apparently makes me obese (which btw i totally do NOT understand, i fully except i am a bit overweight and would love to be slimmer, but i would never and neither would anybody else ive mentioned it to class me as obese) but whatever, she said that if it didn't drop in the next six months i wouldn't be able to have another repeat prescription because of it not working for obese people

so what id like to know is, what happens? do i get put on another type? or does she just send me off with no birth control and let me get pregnant?

coz its kinda been worrying me now that my appointment is this thursday and im still pretty much the same weight

and nb, i have been trying to loose weight, started swimming and jogging and just generally trying to eat better, but nothing seems to working as of yet.


May. 27th, 2008 10:42 pm
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ok so heres the problem, i have been taking microgynon30ED for the past 6 months, and have had my period every month during the 4th week of sugar pills

however, this months sugar pills are due to be taken, and thus my period start, while i am on holiday, which i really do not want.

so i am planning on beginning the next pack straight away, and thus skip my period.

however, this then means that the next week of sugar pills is due to start when i am at Glastonbury festival, and having been last year i know full well it is not a place i want to be on at =P

so i would like to know if it is a) safe to start another pack as soon as second one ends, and thus skip two periods, and b) if there is anyway to stop the second period another way?

thank you in advance
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So it seems that unless you live in a major city, have a Planned Parenthood outlet nearby that's open more than banker's hours, or have an understanding GP that you can get in to see quite easily, emergency contraception is very, very hard to get within the required window and will remain so until it starts appearing in drugstores around the first of next year. Even then this information might be of use - particularly to women under 18 who won't be able to get o.t.c. EC.

Princeton has a web site that allows you to search local providers and find ones likely to proscribe EC, so as to increase your chances of getting it in time.

It also lists commonly-prescribed birth-control pills by brand to find a dosage combination that is usable as EC. The list is, unfortunately, inexhaustive, but better than nothing.

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