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Hi girls. I'm wondering if anyone else here has a Mirena IUD, not just for the purposes of birth control, but also hormone regulation in the hopes of correcting mood problems. I've had mine about two years now, and just the last few months I've noticed my body (and my mind unfortunately) returning to its old ways. Specifically, cycling every two weeks, which gives me what I call Bloody Week and Bitchy Week. I can handle the former; it's the latter that's vexing me. If it were just bitchiness, that would be one thing. This is way beyond, though, and now that I have a little girl, I just cannot afford to lapse into hormonally induced anger spells. I'm not abusive towards her or anything like that, but my anger level is typically way out of proportion to the situation at hand, whether it's about her or not, and I'm becoming increasingly unpleasant to be around. This does nothing for my self-esteem and I'm tired of apologizing to my daughter and husband for my horrible moods.

Point is, I'm wondering if the slowly decreasing level of progesterone that the IUD emits has fallen below the necessary level for my body, especially since I have so many of my original hormonal symptoms returning. If you have a Mirena, have you noticed an increase in moodiness after a long period of time? If so, what was done about it? My hubbie and I are just getting health insurance again so as soon as I can, I'm making an appointment with my doctor. I was just curious if anyone else had experienced something similar, or had any advice to offer regarding the general problem of severe PMDD.

Thanks in advance. I'm feeling like a really rotten mama today and I really hope there's someone else who can sympathize.

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