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My period is now one day later than it has been in the two years I've been casually tracking my cycle. My cycles vary in length from 29-34 days and today is day 35. I once had a cycle (last July-August) that ran 45 days, but I was just returning from Tanzania with a serious case of food poisoning at that time, so that made sense to me that it was so incredibly late.

I've been fighting off a sinus infection since early May. My last period came on time and was normal. I thought that I ovulated 14-15 days after my last period, but then I had increased discharge that looked like the discharge I get at ovulation AGAIN about a week later (days 19-20). I started having cramps and back pain, as I always do, on day 28 and the cramps and pain continued through this morning and now seem less painful this afternoon. I feel like I had an invisible period. My breasts still feel swollen, as they do during PMS, but hurt slightly less today. My boyfriend and I use condoms and haven't had any issues. I took a pregnancy test first thing in the morning on day 32 and it was negative, but if I ovulated later than I thought, it may have been a false negative...

Anyway, I'm just really freaking out. I've never gone this long without a period. I've been very stressed the past two weeks (facing a potential move across the country), low-core sick the past month, and I suspect I may have lost a few pounds. I am very thin naturally (5'6"/105 pounds) and when I last weighed myself, I was hovering around 100 pounds. I'm not sure how this happened, since I"ve been eating very healthfully as always.

It's possible that a slight dip in my weight + stress + illness have conspired to make my period late. I am just nervous about pregnancy at this point, and I know no one can reassure me there until I take another pregnancy test later this week.

I guess I'm seeing who else has had experiences like this to reassure myself until I test again.

Thanks in advance.
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This may sound crazy, but ever since I moved away to college four years ago, I've noticed that my period will sometimes 'wait' a few days past its anticipated arrival date if my body 'knows' that I'm going home to my parents' house for the weekend. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

My period is about 1-2 days late (and I am sexually active - I always always always use condoms, but my body can't handle any form of HBC I've ever tried, so condoms are it) and I'm a little nervous. I am heading home tomorrow, though, so I wonder if my period will show up when I am in a low-stress environment.

I was also involved in a very minor car accident in mid-February (a day or three before I was supposed to start ovulating) and injured my neck and back (not severely, but I experienced moderate levels of pain for about one week - February 15-22). I wonder if this might have delayed ovulation or might be delaying my period now.
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I stopped taking "Quasense" birth control pills (they are the ones that make you have a period every four months) in December of this last year, 2007. Since then I have been having problems with my periods for the last two and a half months. Now my periods have been consistently 3 to 4 days late at least. The reason why I stopped the birth control pills is because they were making me gain a lot of weight and I couldn't lose that weight even when I was on a very good diet and exercise regime. Since I have stopped the pills, I haven't been able to lose any of the weight. What I want to know is, why are my periods happening later and later than they are supposed to? Is this happening because I stopped taking the birth control? Has anyone had this happen before?

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